Boys Going to War

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Kuwait or Iraqi oil fields burning after Desert Storm....another pin I put on this board so people who see it will finally realize these are NOT multiple tornadoes...

Riders on the Storm

The truth has to be told, so I’m finally going to tell it.

It was 24 FEB 91. The USS Tarawa was off the coast of Kuwait. At 0430, Gunny Reed shouted, “Drop your cocks and grab your socks.” The berthing area lights blasted on and every Marine jumped. Nylon and canvass hissed, gear popped, ALICE packs thumped on the deck. Murmured talk and laughter rose, undulating. An excited buzz was in the air, like a locker room before a big game. They were going in-country, going to get combat action ribbons.

Corporal Kline was packed. He lay in his rack and recorded everything in the journal he kept in his cargo pocket.

At 0440, they ran through the ship’s passageways and chugged up stairwells—gear swishing and thumping, rifle butts banging against steel bulkheads—and ran into the dim hangar bay and curled around the heavy bulkhead…

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In Mammon We Trust

“Here is the irony: in allying themselves with big business, the Christian Libertarian preachers, James W. Fifield and his ilk, helped erect a Maginot Line against what they saw as Godless socialism, which would lead to Godless communism; at the same time, they cheered and waved flags as the blitzkrieg of Godless capitalism swept around their defenses.”

This essay is part of a collection I am working on about struggling free of the cult once called Fundamentalism, now commonly known as Conservative Evangelical Christianity. If you have a few minutes, read my essay In Mammon We Trust, out now in Eclectica.


The Army of the Lord

I was reared in the belly of the Religious Right beast, and trained at Liberty University to fight in the Culture Wars. When you get a chance, spend a few minutes with The Army of the Lord, a memoir-ish piece about it. “Army of the Lord” is an excerpt of a collection in progress–more excerpts are forthcoming in the following months. This one is up at Entropy magazine.