A Single Father and a Sick Baby Girl

a short story

Vic Sizemore

The Tower Journal has graciously republished my story “Hush Little Baby.”


The story first appeared in the summer, 2010 issue of Southern Humanities Review (http://www.cla.auburn.edu/shr), and subsequently won the New Millennium Writings Award for Fiction

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Freedom’s Just Another Word

Vic Sizemore

Nadine’s in a world of trouble now. You might think what she did was stupid, and it was, but you can’t say what you’d do in her place. She can’t say herself what came over her; she panicked is all, had to get free of him. The one who came up on the porch wearing his Smokey Bear hat, and read her rights, he’s already gone back out to prowl around looking for other people to arrest, she saw him leave. Now there’s only a big man about to bust out of his green uniform; he’s behind the counter, trying to finish his overnight shift, ignoring Nadine, acting like she isn’t even over here cuffed to this hard metal chair that is itself bolted to the shiny tile floor, waiting for what comes next. It’s bright in here, too bright, and the tiles reflect the light back up. Like being…

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