The Gay Worm Turns

I have two equality stickers on the back of my car, one pasted right on top of the other so it looks like only one. The reason? Not long ago, after I finished classes and office hours, I walked out to the faculty parking lot and discovered someone had taken their ballpoint pen and dug a deep X through the equality sticker on my back window. I had no way of knowing who did it, so I simply waited for the Human Rights Campaign, which I support, to send me another one. Until I covered the defiled sticker with an intact new one, the angry reminded me why the sticker needs to be there in the first place.

When you have some free time, please spend a little of it with my essay The Gay Worm Turns. It is another from my collection about leaving Fundamentalist Christianity, up now at Atticus Review.





The Rumble of Distant Thunder


The Rumble of Distant Thunder is another essay in my collection about life deep inside the strange world of Fundamentalist Christianity, and the growth of Conservative Evangelicalism from its revivalist roots into the fascist, white nationalist monster it is today.

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Two more essays are forthcoming in Atticus Review and Appalachian Heritage.