The Christians Who Accepted Satan’s Offer in the Desert

Three essays about how the Religious Right has come to cling to such a morally reprehensible human being.

The Army of the Lord

 In Mammon We Trust

 Same Shit, Different Jerry


In Mammon We Trust

Vic Sizemore

“Here is the irony: in allying themselves with big business, the Christian Libertarian preachers, James W. Fifield and his ilk, helped erect a Maginot Line against what they saw as Godless socialism, which would lead to Godless communism; at the same time, they cheered and waved flags as the blitzkrieg of Godless capitalism swept around their defenses.”

This essay is part of a collection I am working on about struggling free of the cult once called Fundamentalism, now commonly known as Conservative Evangelical Christianity. If you have a few minutes, read my essay In Mammon We Trust, out now in Eclectica.


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The Rumble of Distant Thunder


The Rumble of Distant Thunder is another essay in my collection about life deep inside the strange fundamentalist world of the Religious Right, and the growth of the movement from its revivalist roots to the ethno-nationalist monster it is today.

Other essays from this collection:

The Holy Fool in Winter

In Mammon We Trust

The Army of the Lord

Big Bully

Two more essays are forthcoming in Atticus Review and Appalachian Heritage.